Data Analytics and Business Continuity: Exploring the Impact of Big Data

Written by Tejas Katwala
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Analytics help companies stay up to speed with massive data sets by organizing and displaying it in ways that allow for rapid action.



As seen in the recent post, Identifying the Top Enterprise Risks for 2018, executives and board members are concerned about their organization’s ability to use Big Data to make better strategic decisions. Without a clear strategy to harness the insights contained in the massive amounts of data available, companies are missing out on a key element of business continuity planning.

Here is a closer look at the impact of Big Data on business continuity.

Data analytics help provide a more holistic, enterprise-wide vision of the current state of the business, using programs that collect, interpret, and report on massive quantities of information from myriad sources. 

These programs help leadership understand how customers and consumers are interacting with the company, its brand, and its products. They also help provide a clear picture of operational efficiency and outcomes, how employees are spending their time, and how systems are functioning.

Analytics, Resilience, and Continuity

In business, information is currency. Data analytics let companies fully capitalize on available information. In doing so, they help create a space where business resilience can thrive and mature.

By using the insights, trends, patterns, and opportunities that emerge from data analytics, companies can better address the core principles of business continuity, including:

  • Anticipating organizational risks and preparing plans to address those risks
  • Communicating the issues, needs, complexities, and plans to staff members and shareholders
  • Analyzing responses to situations and using those observations to strengthen teams and outcomes in the future
  • Promoting a culture of resilience throughout the organization by underscoring areas of potential opportunity

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Analytics help companies prepare for and respond to business continuity issues.

A well-designed business continuity management solution provides a framework that leverages your data to help build a resilience strategy. At Continuity Logic, we help companies leverage Big Data with an integrated risk management solution that evolves with your organization as you work to achieve resilience maturity. Book a demo to learn how our solution can help your company harness the power of the data you collect and protect and enhance your brand's reputation by ensuring business continuity.

March 22, 2018|

Enterprise Resilience, Analytics